About Sasse Skin

Sasse Skin is what we believe every skincare brand should be. We create products with specificity and transparency, while minimising the impact we have on the environment. Basically, we’re here to cut out the BS.

The Sasse Skin crew may be small but we are mighty (and just a little bit sassy). We have years of experience in leading the formulation development and manufacturing of skincare products for several well-known and successful brands.

Proudly Australian, created and manufactured in Melbourne, our products are formulated and manufactured in-house. This means we have full control over the whole process which allows us to ensure Sasse products are of the highest quality and available at an affordable price.




Create products for YOU

We know, we know. A lot of brands say this, but at Sasse Skin, we mean it. Sasse is a collaboration and our customers are the star team members. We will listen to you and create the skincare products you really need. We’ll educate you (it won’t be boring, we promise!), explaining the ingredients we use and why we use them. We want you to tell us what you’re struggling with and what you’re missing in your skincare routine. We’ll use what you share with us to create our new products, and – this is the best part – you can then receive free samples of our new products BEFORE they hit the market and tell us what you think!

Simple and effective FORMULAS
The skincare industry is becoming more complicated by the day as brands strive to pack tiny amounts of as many ingredients as possible into products, just to maximise the number of claims they can make about the product. Sasse provides products that deliver results faster because we keep our formulas simple, focusing on the ingredients that count. Sasse packs the good stuff in and leaves the unnecessary stuff out so you know that everything we choose to use has a purpose.  


At Sasse, we believe that doing the right thing by our customers means we have nothing to hide. We strive for honesty and education around the ingredients we use and the products we develop. We have short, informative (not boring!) videos about each of our Sasse products. The videos cover the ingredients in each product, how to use the product and the results you can expect.

Minimising our FOOTPRINT

We’re here to make an impact that is bigger than you and us. Sasse Skin provides a refill system which not only minimises the quantity of single-use plastic produced, but also saves you $$$. Our products skip the unnecessary additional plastic and boxes, so we use only what we need to get the product into your hands. We choose recycled packaging at every opportunity and continuously seek to improve and minimise our footprint on this big blue and green planet.


We’re so excited to introduce you to Sasse Skin and we look forward to bringing you on the Sasse ride. We’ve all got a bit of Sass, huh?!