Why Doesn't My Skin Look Super Smooth IRL?!

We’ve seen skincare obsessions come and go, and right now it seems that poreless, silky smooth, glass-like skin is IN. Which means that if you’re anything like us, you could be left feeling like your skin could use a little fixer-upper.  

The critical point to understand about your skin is that yes, some texturisers can be a sign that your skin is unhappy, and yes there is plenty you can do to get your skin in tip-top shape, BUT it is not realistic to expect your skin to always be completely even, poreless, smooth as a baby’s behind and glass-like day in, day out.  

Repeat after us – SKIN TEXTURE IS NORMAL. Your skin is an organ that is made up of pores, sweat glands, hair follicles and plenty more, so the way it looks and feels will change day to day or even hour to hour. You might experience some enlarged pores, dry and rough patches, fine lines, bumps, raised or indented scars, the works. Not only are pores super necessary for healthy skin function, but they and all other texturisers are signs that your skin is lived in. That you have a whole life and you are living it.  

Ultimately your genetics play a big role in determining your pore size, skin texture and oil production. But look, we get it. Sometimes your skin texture actually means your skin is unhappy. Sometimes your skin texture can make YOU unhappy. At Sasse, we’re big believers in doing good, feeling good, and looking good. If your skin has texture that you’re not particularly pleased about, or you think your skin could just be happier (goals), you’ve got options! These are our top tips to help.  


1. Step away from the mirror.

Give yourself a break and step away from the (magnifying) mirror. Literally no one is viewing your skin at 10x magnification IRL. For the daredevils among us, we even suggest doing your skincare in dim lighting for a few days and see how this affects your feelings towards your skin. 


2. Quit the pick!

Snowballing on from the first point, stop picking! A juicy whitehead or an elusive blackhead may be satisfying to pop, squeeze and pinch, but you’re only doing more damage. Likewise, picking at scabs, bumps or dry skin, can make your skin freak out and leave you with some super fun (sarcasm) scarring or pigmentation. Totally the opposite of what we’re going for here. If trying not to pick is like trying to stay away from Kmart at 11pm (read: impossible), we recommend slathering on something super hydrating to make you less likely to touch your face. Did someone say “Manuka Honey Rejuvenating Balm?!”


3. Incorporate gentle exfoliants

AHA exfoliants such as Lactic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Glycolic Acid help to clear away dirt and dead skin from your face. Salicylic Acid is our go-to BHA exfoliant for our more oily friends. The result? Smoother, softer skin with less bumps. But wait, which AHA or BHA should you use? Watch this space, we gotchu ;) P.S. ALWAYS make sure to use SPF, especially after using chemical exfoliants! 


4. Drink more water

Don’t worry, we hate us for including this one too. But for real, it wouldn’t be so common if it weren’t true. Plump, hydrated, smooth skin starts with what you put into your body. Drinking plenty of water helps your skin do its thang and makes you look your very best. Bottoms up!


5. Vitamin C

You had to know this one was coming. Vitamin C is the complexion holy grail - it brightens, plumps and can assist in reducing pigmentation and scars with consistent use. Once you’ve got any acne under control, our Vitamin C Overnight Brightening Treatment will take your skin to the next level!


    Just in case you got this far and the message still hasn’t sunk in, SKIN TEXTURE IS NORMAL. We all have pores, bumps, scars, spots, everything. If any of your skin’s features are getting you down, you can do something about it, BUT we suggest first taking a step back and connecting with WHY you feel this way. If it boils down to you wanting to take care of yourself and the skin you’re in, Sasse Skin is your best pal and our Active Range is here to help.