Tell us about your business, what makes it unique?

EL&RO is a jewellery brand driven with purpose; it's a collection where you can find connection and intention in your jewellery. We pride ourselves on ethically hand crafting beautiful jewellery of the highest quality at an affordable price point. 

How did your business idea or concept come about?

We were living together in Newcastle in 2011. I (Claire) was at home one day when a package arrived for Georgia, she had spent over $100 on a bracelet online. I was in the middle of my jewellery apprenticeship at the time and absolutely horrified at the quality she received given she had purchased from a well known brand. That’s when the idea for EL&RO was born. Georgia had studied business and worked in PR so the two of us working together seemed like the perfect match!

What has been the biggest challenge or lesson you have learned in business?

Our biggest challenge so far would be navigating the business through the COVID pandemic. Facing so much uncertainty has been truly difficult but we now feel so much stronger. We have learnt that we can't always be so structured, sometimes we have to take a step back and trust the timing of things.

What aspects of building a business have gone how you expected and what is something that was unexpected?

None of it has gone how we expected! When we first started we were so naïve about what was involved in running a business; time, money, marketing, everything! My initial thought was "I will make the jewellery and Georgia will do everything else." That has not been the case at all! 

As a successful business owner, what is the one best piece of advice you would give to young entrepreneurs?

You need to be across all aspects of your business and know what is going on. The most important thing we learnt was how to manage our money! Daunting I know, but you will feel so much more confident as a business owner knowing exactly where your money is being spent and that everything is accounted for. 

What are your business goals for 2022?

In 2022 we are focusing on creating more connection through EL&RO. We really want to connect with our customers so we can deliver both the jewellery and the customer service they need. Another big goal for us this year is to give back. This is something that is so important to us but has taken time for us to be in a position to be able to help.

Tell us about your earliest skincare memory.

My mum always had a heap of moisturisers, some for day, some for night. I can still remember the smell! Of course, sunscreen as well, not being able to go outside without it.

What does having a skincare routine mean to you?

Having a skincare routine is the perfect self-love, it’s a nice moment that I can have all to myself. My skin is quite sensitive so having a skincare routine (day & night) is important to keep my skin clear and balanced.